3️Sustainable Economy

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

DE:Glory draws the attention to socializing regard, over and above, the interaction among players shapes DE:Glory economic world. Hence, DE:Glory not only provides community-driven environment but also bolsters up a strong and fair economy system, certainly addressing, fair entry to new users and fair value sustained to active long-term users.

Recycled NFT items

One of DE:Glory economic balancing strategy is recycling NFT items. At each point of progression, users need different supportive items, Pettos. However, when reaching new level, lower-level items or weaker Pettos may left unused. In DE:Glory, gamers can collect old items or outdated equipment for fusing. For illustration, a fix number of weapons can be fused into new weapon; a fix number of vests can be fused into new vest. This feature named Mystic Forge.

The conventional market for old/outdated items is designed for new users entering game and having demand for lower-level items, yet, as game going mature, the market becomes oversupplied. That is when Mystic Forge comes to the play, offering:

  • new equipment with higher quality, higher stats for use

  • OR artifact required to craft Legendary items or higher-level rarity items

This recycled strategy not only aid the problem of oversupply but also supports in continuously reproduce new items and thus, nothing left wasted/unused.


Token burning is also another strategy that we, DEGA, adopt. Part of revenue stream in $DEGA and $DEGS (Glory Shard) will be periodically burned to keep up expected inflation rate.

The burning rate will be constantly adjusted to the change in the magnitude of estimated active user pool.


Buyback is also another strategy that DEGA adopts in response with upward pressure of overall circulating supply, yet still maintain a sufficient liquidity pool for active players.

Since the supply of in-game currency ($DEGS - Glory Shard) is unlimited, to control the inflation, a sufficient amount of $DEGA in liquidity pool will be used to buyback $DEGS.

The Promise

All of the balancing strategy is packed into detailed process. We, DEGA, promise that the process is designed to react to overall DEGA market movement regularly. Hence, any external and internal pressure on the DEGA economy will be minimized to the highest extent.

More on economy design will be discussed in detail in economy paper.

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