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Q3 - 2022

Continue on plan extension!
Keep the motivation alive and train discipline. DEGA ensures the sustainability and prolongs the product since we constantly update and make adjustment to the game.
  • Main sale
  • Beta and Official Launch V.1
  • Design more in-game events
  • Introducing:
    • Character controller for playground
    • Black market
    • Clan system v.1
    • Open UGC adoption - DIY costume marketplace
      • Web tool to create artwork
      • Tool to check authentic artwork
      • Testing V.1
    • NEW CLASS of Glorians (Paladin, Assassin)
  • Maintain sustainability game economy
    • Adopt data analysis
    • In-game tokenized materials V2
  • Village of Joy (User playground, extending social feature: meeting friends)
    • Scale up hosting server