Q1 - 2022

Put ideas into actions!
Not only just forming product with sentimental value, we the DEGA also make sure the tech, the mechanics and overall system behind our product function to its best, since we believe technical advancement brings us to the future.
    • Game theme chosen, develop characters, plot, settings
    • Complete main game features: Party+Collab, Crafting system, Pet system, Skill system
    • Testing PvP Arena, World Map, Party Dungeon
    • Improve UX/UI to align with chosen theme
    • Break down game mechanics for improvement
  • Design game economy
    • Token generation
    • Token transaction
    • Finish Vesting
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Launch DEGA Web
  • Launch communication channels
  • Start Seed/Private Sale
QUICK REVIEW: at this phase, we are proud to announce that every pieces of the full picture (from the game itself to the economy and blockchain) has worked well on its own.