1️How a Player Makes Progress

A little progress each day adds up to a big result.

Game elements such as stats, levels, leaderboards, etc. infer a wider picture of each player's journey to conquer game adventures.

In DE:Glory, though many players may start at the same set, the speed of game moved by each gamer varies instantly corresponding to each individual gamer's progression. The amount of time spent and how much effort a gamer put in directly crank up one's Glorian development pace and commendable reward pool.

These sections below are elements designated to measure how fast or how far a gamer/a Glorian can improve and self-position oneself among Glorian's society.

The Stat/Attribute

The stats of each player will affect directly to the overall performance. Skill system, equipment set and Petto are three main indicators driving the whole in-game attribute system.

  • SKILL SYSTEM – There are three components in this comprehensive skill system applied to evaluate whether one specific Glorian is a pro fighter:

    • Variety of in-use skill types - Skill cards can be collected after defeating the Uglers. - Within the skill universe, each skill card carries a specific impact on the target. Thus, having set of diversified skill portfolio benefits Glorian in utilizing various effects to beat Uglers. - Yet, throughout the game, players meet the chance of collecting duplicated skill cards and in Glory world, everything has its own use, so does duplicated items (brief explanation provided in point 2 below).

    • Level of each skill slot - There is a fix number of skills each Glorian allowed to execute in a battle. Yet, the level of each skill is determined by the slot level that skill card located. - How to upgrade slot level? By a process, in which, duplications of owned skills are treated as main ingredients.

    • Optimal skill selection - Team/Party is stated to be one of the factors dictating the movement of game progression, and so is the players' skill selection because skill selection. - Imaging a scenario where Ugler has two healing skills, a party with multiple CC skills obviously counter the healing process, vice versa, not enough CC skills will result in lower pace of defeating that Ugler or even being defeated. Another scenario, presume target Ugler having fierce armor, preparing Glorians with Armor Penetration will boost up players' progress.


    • Mainly obtained through crafting or NFT marketplace.

    • A process of equipment blacksmith is as followings: raw materials --> refined materials --> equipment (final step). This process is applied repetitively for each of the needed materials until all refined/artifacts are acquired. The final step is compiling all for one unique piece.

    • The stat associated with each crafted piece varies not only between different equipment types but also within-type. Moreover, other elements contributed equipment characteristics (discussed previously) define the points added to Glorians' overall stat. Rarity is the most essential criterion help in moving to higher-scheme stats point. For example, player can craft Exotic Dark-knight Sword (magnify 165% stat points) or just uncommon Dark-knight Sword (only 125% comparing to common one) with the same set of refined materials.


    • How to get a Petto? Through DE:Glory special hatching process. In details, Petto tokens are dropped in the loot for winners in a battle against Uglers. Those Petto tokens are redeemed to hatch a Petto. There are three indicators when discussing the strength of a Petto as well.

    • Level of Petto

    • Number of skill slots - Petto's capability is decided by number of skills it is able to learn. In brief, a Legendary Petto is gifted with more skill slots then a Uncommon one.

    • Skill upgrade - how well-trained a Petto is, reflects directly on a fight. Higher level of a skill is equivalent to higher damage it put on the target. Therefore, Petto's skill upgrade is one of the important progress a player makes to move faster in this glorious road.

The Team/Party

The party that one chooses to join may end up accelerating or braking the earnings in game because of team compatibility.

A well-diversified team with different professions will be better in defeating those Uglers. Depend on the team combination, each player will undergo different paces in clearing boss progress. There are many factors to be considered when forming a party: level of others, profession diversification in team, how well other players are equipped, how skillful or even how well-trained those Pettos are, etc.

The Profession

The speed of defeating an Ugler is determined by group of unique characteristics that particular profession is gifted for.

For instance, a damage dealer clears the stage faster yet, is easily defeated since DPS is not backed by heavy armor. And apparently, a tank finds it time-consuming and the fight may be timed-out.

In DE:Glory, players have full control on their own gaming paths, meaning alternatives in any of the above elements define the speed of players' journey. Briefly speaking, the distinctiveness in player's gaming technique is the most heavy-weighted indicator that helps Glorian grow quicker.

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