"The ultimate resource in economic development is people"


DE:Glory active users drive the thickness of market demand.

As more users enter DE:Glory world, the demand for in-game assets (including equipments, skills and Pettos) and materials increases (as emphasized previously the importance of items in game progress). Similar to governance token like $DEGA, due to the benefits of staking and compulsory charge for in-game activities, the demand of $DEGA also grows correlated with the increase of DE:Glory DAU/MAU.

Higher demand leads to higher price and as a result, create a barrier to entry for those new gamers (cost of purchasing is too high to afford). To solve high pricing depression, in-game events will be regularly executed to reward players $DEGA, as a result, ensure equitable circulation supply of $DEGA.

Now, as an outlook of game economy as well as supply and demand have been introduced, the sustainability in game economy is the next focus.

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