1️The Story Begins

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas ... and a story with great beginning!

DE:Glory is a story where Glorians (heroes) reclaim their used-to-be glorious home which was invaded by the Uglers (monsters) centuries ago.

No one among the Glorians now knows exactly what had happened when they first faced the Uglers. Every piece of the story that has been told by the elderlies about the Uglers versus the Glorians is scattered and sporadic.

However, there is one unfold piece of this puzzle, which has been widespread among the elderlies, saying:

“the Glorians and the Pettos (pets) used to live happily together in Gloryworld. They built castles, houses, harvested and crafted equipment for trade.

"On one mystic magic night”, enormous noxious nimbus clouds wiped out the whole Gloryworld leaving deadly smell. The clouds approached quickly that there was no time to get the Pettos to shelters before the rain hit them, the peals of thunder scattering them, the poisonous rain faded their memories. They become aggressive and destructive, later called by the name "the Uglers". The rebellious Uglers turned Gloryworld into a demonic land. Finding no signs of peace, Glorians are forced to leave their own homeland.

The Glorians, naturally, were incapable of fighting. The thought of claiming back their homeland was just a gleam. However, in the land of myth and time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on Glorians' shoulders. They started to train themselves for the hope of getting back what used to be theirs. Glorians then figured out many ways to extract the poisonous liquid out of those Uglers so it can be reborn as Pettos. The battle started to become meaningful. Whenever an Ugler was captured (as they can be turned back to Pettos), Glorians move a step closer to the future reunion. The dream of reviving Glory gradually comes true and embellishes Glorians' life motto.

More and more Glorians join the fight to retrieve their homeland and bring back the peaceful memory between those Pettos and themselves…”

Now, let's move onto each elements plotted in this Glory world.

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