Assets, materials

Rewarding from play-to-earn activities, each of the items dropped has its own usage and purpose. At DE:Glory, there is continuous demand for in-game assets/materials as Glorians love to make use of all resources. Concisely, nothing is left for discontinued future use, even outdated equipment, old weapons, lower-level armors or common, weak Pettos.

Tokenized materials – some kind of raw materials or refined materials will be tokenized. The initial supply of those tokenized materials is directly from the game. The secondary source will be on the marketplace for liquidity, easing the stress of high demand (in case of high rarity items).


  • In-game currency $DEGS – the supply of Glory Shard is unlimited and Glorians earn it on the progress of game. However, similar to fiat money, Glory Shard is the common currency and required for every single transaction.

  • Governance $DEGA – the supply of $DEGA is limited to 16% of total supply for early supporters (private sale, main sale and airdrop). Yet, $DEGA will be distributed continuously to gamers through reward pool. The distribution of $DEGA in the play-and-earn pool will be released gradually as planned. The purpose is to assure the adequate assignment of token for trading on the market, which is relative to number of gamers at any point in time.

The supply of all components in game economy is defined at reasonable rates of earning depending on the popularity and necessity. Besides, to aid with oversupply, expenditure encouragement strategy will be adopted.

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