2️⃣The Gameplay

The journey matters more than the destination!


Decades have passed since the Uglers took control of Glory world.

When entering DE:Glory, player assumes and cosplays a Glorian on long mission of turning Uglers back to Pettos and rebuilding Glory world. After choosing desired class, the journey of each Glorian officially starts!

How to start the game?

Player starts with the born of a Glorian – where the outlook can be customized (skin color, eyes, face, hair, etc) and the profession can be chosen.

Then, entering Gloryworld, in those first stages, player have the option of teaming up with others or pairing with bots only to fight Uglers. Each Ugler represents a map clearing stage. Rewards will come as Uglers have been defeated. When reaching a certain level, Glorians are allowed to team up and battle with each other to acquire seasonal points. Later in game, seasonal point are accumulated for ranking and attractive rewards will be distributed based upon those rankings.

Details in game features, game progression and also where economic value comes from is broken down in below next subsections.

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