Every story starts with an idea, but it is the characters that move this idea forward.

"After decades, the Glorians are amazing at booming."

They distinguish themselves in skills, stats, armors, weapons equipped and even in natural outlooks. Although the Glorians educated themselves in different professions, they learn to gather and party up when fighting with the Uglers. Thanks to the variety of roles and the need of collaboration, bonding among Glorians is strengthened through time.

Do you know?

The warriors are skillful with heavy armor and weapon, also they are those come first in a battle to absorb the damage, referred as "meatshields" of a party; the mages and the archers are belligerent with wider range, obviously, carrying main role as DPS damage dealers.

The legend says there are many more professions that Glorians was inherited and their associated roles would be revealed piece by piece. Yet, some elderlies already passed on stories about paladins, assassins, summoners or even vampires making up the depth of Glorian's folk tales collection.

The craftsmanship of those different professions are highly correlated with their proficiency. While fighting the battles with the Uglers, Glorians will gain experience to level up (which directly increases their stats) and also to increase the probability of collecting desired materials needed to upgrade armor systems and weapons.

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