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Your real strength comes from doing what you are capable and good at!
There are four main classes which are popular among Glorians. The comprehensiveness, battlefield position and also the role of those occupations have been developed in early stages to ensure constructive cooperation when Glorians decided to revolt against the Uglers.
  • Role: Tank
  • Skill Type: Armor Enhance, Self-Healing
  • Equipment: Sword, Shield, Heavy Armor Set
  • Role: DPS
  • Skill Type: Crowd Control, Arena of Effect, Harass
  • Equipment: Staff, Light Armor Set
  • Role: DPS
  • Skill Type: Single Target Burst, Crit, High Speed
  • Equipment: Bow, Medium Armor Set
  • Role: Support, Healer
  • Skill Type: Team Healing, Single Target Healing, Team Buff (Armor, Max HP, Def,…)
  • Equipment: Staff, Light Armor Set
Later found in other classes (paladin, assassin, vampire, summoner) will be further discussed in DE:Glory next development stage.
The stat system is also an aspect to consider whether a Glorian is a good fighter. The details are shown below:
The figure shows 10 different metrics when it comes to evaluate how well a Glorian fighter is.
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