"You can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change its nature."


Earth, Fire, Water, Grass, Electricity, Light, Shadow

The element cycle ensures the interaction between different element Pettos. For instance, Water-element Petto is dominant during a fight with Fire Petto, yet, flourishing Grass Petto.

The balance cycle will be introduced later in game mechanics.


  • Fighter - direct facing with monster, fight alongside with Glorians in the battle, push damage on monsters.

  • Guardian - supportive role, stats plus shield buff for one specific target.

  • Backline - push damage in wider range, back position.

  • Healer - supportive role, affect on wider area, include buffing the whole party (multi targets) or cursing the enemy whole party.


Similar to equipment's rarity levels, Petto also adopts the same set of rarity. These are Common, Uncommon, Masterwork, Rare, Exotic, Ascended and Legendary

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