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You never know how strong you are, until you are equipped with AAA gear set!
The comprehensive system of equipment in Glory world has evolved by centuries.
Since each of the professions required distinctive attribute from specific equipment to enhance Glorians' core strength, the diversity is essential for demand. The difference in those gear sets is captured by equipment type, stat and rarity.
The next detailed figure breaks down concisely equipment's attributes:
  • Weapon
    • Discovered: sword, staff, bow, shield
    • Still in-myth: greatsword, dagger, axe, mace, hammer
  • Armor System
    • Categorized into 3 classes: heavy, medium and light
    • A set containing: vest, belt, gloves, boots, pauldrons
  • Accessories
    • Ring and necklace
  • Back Gear
    • Cape/Wing
  • Attack and Defense are two main stat metrics a Glorian benefits from dressing on those gears
  • Each piece of equipment holds distinguishing metric numbers on:
    • Power
    • Precision
    • Ferocity
    • Toughness
    • Vitality
There are 7 levels of rarity carrying different equipment's net worth, which are Common, Uncommon, Masterwork, Rare, Exotic, Ascended and Legendary respectively. And apparently, the rarer the piece, the more useful it is to Glorians.
In Glory world, skilled blacksmiths are highly appreciated due to their expertise and thus, their products are welcomed and actively hunted in the market. Particularly, those skilled craftsmen have better chance of alchemizing higher-rarity equipments. Last but not least, in DE:Glory, we honor the origin of ownership and aesthetic value. The pieces crafted out by those skilled craftsmen carry their own signatures or carved with desired messages, which, in time, become valuable collectibles. More details about this customization is introduced in Crafting - one of the most exciting game features and also Glorians' pride.
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