"Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time."

What would make DE:Glory a RPG game without trading? What would make a blockchain game prolong its life without the power to earn?

The mini world of Glorians advances in socialization from years to years, of which, the growth in community bonding is enlightened by strong commercial activities. In details, every items, everything that a Glorian owns/gains (for example, weapons, armors, Beautees, skills) from any activities is treated as individual possession and a Glorian can sell, resell, trade, meaning generally, enjoy all the economic benefit out of it.

Any sequence of actions in DE:Glory will yield profit which brings gamers sense of achievement. All trading activities will take place in the Marketplace. Some highlight sources of direct income would be discussed as the followings and being a Glorian, gamer is free to choose what will be their main in-game activity for monetizing purpose.

  • The Fight with Uglers: defeating an Ugler (farming online or AFK) will earn mostly in-game currency (Glory Shard) and materials (which later on can be merged into refined materials and sold on the Marketplace)

  • PvP (seasonal): direct battle with other parties (5v5) and get rewarded (legendary items, $DEGA, limited seasonal items) --> then sell it on the Marketplace

  • Crafting: both crafted materials (or naming refined materials) and crafted items (weapons, armors) bear the value based on its own stats which tied to NFT and thus, can be sold on the Marketplace

  • Breeding Pettos: raising Pettos, upgrading its skill set, unlocking new skill slots will enhance Pettos’ strength and thus, increase the market value of Pettos to earn more when binding with NFT on the Marketplace

  • Costume Market: a free-to-join marketplace where all your clothing designs would be stamped with NFT and carried economic value

Good to know

Occasional events: in DE:Glory, there are some occasions that if catched on-time, players can earn more than what have been dropped in the above main features

For example, a Christmas event with 7-day daily quest requiring daily log-in and clearing missions over a duration of full 7/7 days to receive $DEGA.

DE:Glory imitates fiscal reciprocation in real-life world, saying “Time is money and Everything has its own value”. Therefore, at every stage of gaming progress, demand and supply for what a gamer own will be substantially balanced so that nothing is devalued dramatically and wasted, aiming to avoid gaming exhaustion at the long run.

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