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The ability to learn faster from consumers is the essential competitive advantage DE:Glory promises.

What is DE:Glory competitive advantage? What is it that only DE:Glory offers? What is it that ensures DE:Glory sustainability in the long run?

--> We The Dega brings classic game features to another level that enhance not only the virtual interactions between players but also building a playground where every creative ideas is appreciated and bearing economical benefits.


  • Get a key and control all your team members while they are AFK

  • Collect in-game tokenized materials and use/sell it to the marketplace with market prices

  • Multi forms of trading marketplace: Blackmarket, Auction, Traditional Marketplace

  • Crafting and Carving

  • Mystic Forge (as recycling collector)

  • DIY Costume

  • More to come with socializing expansion

Collab and CONTROL your party

One of DE:Glory unique features and considered competitive advantage is Collab & Control

The nature of an idle game allows player to earn while AFK, in Gloryworld, specifically, a Glorian will continue the progress of fighting Uglers and earn reward even when the player is going offline.

Yet, imaging the element of Petto you choose is countered by the Ugler you are fighting with and in bad timing, you are not be able to go online and alter your selection?

Even worse, while you are AFK, your Glorian is facing an Ugler that parry all of your selected skills, the stage clearing process is delayed as a consequence, and that would be a waste of time though.

As stressed in Player's Progression, Petto, skill system are game progress determinants. At DE:Glory, time is the most valuable asset. Any wrong settings while players AFK is thus, considered to be a threat to players' gaming experience.

With Party mode, players allow a key control to one of the team members and while others are offline, that key team member can alter any Glorian’s setups (summon different Petto, alter skill set) to ensure team compatibility to the fight in order to clear stage faster.

Crafting NFT items

"Crafting is one of the key occupation that Glorians honor for centuries."

The quality of blacksmith item (stats metrics) differs as it is a comprehensive crafting system which combines tokenized materials, non-tokenized materials, in-game-only materials, purchase-only materials and randomness in crafting.

As earlier stated, equipped items will be the main stats indicator; and stats metrics directly drive player’s in-game progression. Thus, crafted items not only play a key role in DE:Glory whole economy but also serve as an intermediate channel to bond and connect gamers together.

Fun fact

In DE:Glory, crafting also comes with carving - served as a mini memo sticking to that crafted item.

Note: a process of how to craft is describe here.

Seasonal PVP Tournament

"years and years after...

With civilization, DE:Glory becomes a fast-paced and highly competitive environment where Glorians constantly challenge their skills and mind to be the best.

The competition is fierce!"

For every season, a tournament will be hosted by the elderlies in Champion Square providing an open and fair competition between teams. The seasonal reward ($DEGA especially) is then handed to the champs and their names will be stamped in the Fame Hall inside Champion Square.

How to figure out the champs? Each battle will end up with rewarded points based on performance (total damage deal, total damage absorb, etc.). Accumulating all the points together and ranking those points on leadership board, at the end of each season, the champs will be found out.

Petto Evolution

"Legends say the synergy between Glorians and Pettos leads Gloryworld to another new extent - socialization advancement"

Similar to crafting items, breeding/evolving Pettos is also a heart in players’ gaming experience. This whole evolution system provide another marketplace opportunity to ensure players social interaction and gaming economical aspect.

The upgrading Petto system is divided into two different routes: Evolving Petto (by level) and Upgrading Star (the tier system), already discussed.

Crafting items for trading limits players’ market reach because each of the professions can only craft their own kind of items and hence, limit the ability to meet others’ demand (for example, a mage cannot craft warrior heavy weapon, vice versa).

On the other hand, breeding/evolving Pettos provides wider market reach (Glorians, in general, love pets no matter what professions they are).

DIY Costume

Proudly introduce

Another coming special feature in DE:Glory world!

Imaging your Glorian is equipped with a customized staff which looks like a huge ice-cream waffle cone and join the fight. Everyone is asking where that cute ice-cream cone comes from. "I made it myself" you proudly reply and everyone is offering a rebuy deal that you cannot resist?

As the battle between the Glorians and the Uglers become less tense, the demand of non-fighting life aspect grows strong among Glorian community. Aesthetic needs (a transformation of how Glorians look to outsiders) become motivation for earning and trading in Gloryworld.

Gamers will be provided a free environment, in which, they can design their own costumes and then sell it to the NFT marketplace so other Glorians can purchase and wear.


Aside from the above features, there is one more special "trademark" (made in DE:Glory) referred as Mystic Forge. The detail is addressed in Game Economy

As for next development stage, enhancing socialization in Glory world is the main focus. Clan system, black market, auction and playground will be introduced respectively.

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