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"In any economy design, the key asset of transfer is the value"

Introduced in the foreword, DE:Glory emphasizes the importance of gaming earning ability (economic transaction including selling items, Pettos, currency), which guarantees the longevity of game product. Yet, to make earning real power, the underlying value of currency and item has to reflect the true worth. In order to control that, efforts needed to spend on monetary policy that response to market enthusiasm or depression on upward/downward pressure of value cycle.

In DE:Glory economy design, three phases in value cycle has been considerably observed and maintained, including: value creation, value distribution and value sinks (known as burning), respectively.

VALUE CREATION – the illustration of creating value in DE:Glory are tied with minting NFT-item, NFT-Petto, new materials dropped from defeated Ugler (tokenized materials). The growth of quantity minted or materials collected will result in inflationary pressure – asset inflation and currency/price inflation, hence, needed to link directly to value distribution (short-term balance of growth and inflation) and value sinks for stability.

VALUE DISTRIBUTION – in brief, value distribution in DE:Glory is equivalent to the use of resource for economic growth. Linked with value creation process, part of resources (in-game currency, materials) will be charged to gamers (as required fee while crafting NFT-item, Petto) to keep up resource distribution purpose. Items and Pettos have tangible use case while equipping to Glorians to continue their journey. Moreover, when listing on marketplace and trading occurs, transaction fees accrued will be directly reported as DEGA revenue and thus, maintain a sufficient fund for further expenditures or reward back to gamers to stabilize the circulating value.

VALUE SINKS - to avoid hyperinflation (increasing cost to real active gamers), burning or destroying assets is required. At DE:Glory world, modified NFT-item and recycled NFT-item will be keys to balance out value creation and value distribution (details will be discussed in sustainable economy section).

Next, the study about DE:Glory supply and demand strategy will be addressed.

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