🌐Mission and Vision


As a group of game lovers – who adore unique sentimental experience brought in by different kinds of game, we always long for creating our own product (or gaming world, at macro level) where players join hands with creators to accelerate long-awaited gaming demand and where to nourish the deep affection towards game of each player.

Now, the wait is over! With “Decentralized Gaming Universe”, adopting blockchain tech, we make it a reality – a game that redefines all traditional characteristics of the industry (invulnerable to cyber frauds, eliminate monopolistic, etc.), a game that gives gamers all the power to build up own community and economic value.

Vision and Values

With that inspiration, we the DEGA will bridge the gap between online interactive games and advance the gathering in virtual alternative world, in brief, providing gamers a world as their desire. As evolution continues, our vision will revolve around main focus: making our gaming world universally accessible and valuable.

At Degaverse, excitement, creativity, integrity and accountability are our core values. We the team will commit ourselves to the highest extent of those values.


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