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It’s all about the hype, the game changer or it’s just vastly overrated tech? Blockchain.

Do you know that in 2021, the NFT industry welcomed a record in average daily sale of approximately USD $38M, nearly 200 times comparing to the earning in 2020? (link as ref).
The fast grow blockchain market makes it attractive and curious for numerous tech-savvy parties since then. Yet, the usability of blockchain tech is still limited as its own complex mass adoption.
Having said that, in gaming industry, mass adoption of blockchain tech revamps its business model and navigates it to a new direction but also makes gaming experience even more economically to players – play-to-earn.
Scared of losing all items, assets or simply all of the money, effort invested in game due to cyber fraud?
Tired of being dependent on game creators (sudden changes in game policy, user contents, undesirable governance actions)?
Or merely longing for turning hobbies into a living income?
We, DEGA, are a team of game geeks who have always been fascinated by shifting game products to a more consumer-oriented playground and thus, DE:Glory comes as our wants. At DE:Glory, users’ individual gaming experience, social interaction and earning power are DEGA's main focuses.


Whether it is play-to-earn or just simply a traditional gaming product, entertaining purpose is believed to serve as key successor. A game, first of all, needs to bring joys and sense of achievement to its own players. Thus, DE:Glory is built as gaming-first mindset.


“The socialization gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles.” We are convinced that players’ experience and feedbacks enhance game developing strategy. Therefore, keeping a deep in-game socialization network where players fight/help/work along with each other creates more valuable commentary. The purpose of DE:Glory existence is for players and by players.


Game’s earning ability incentivizes not only play-for-fun but also play-to-earn gamers. Only when gaming experience and social interaction are established, economical (earning) part of the product will ensure game longevity and sustainability. "Play" and "get reward" are the most obvious proof of achievement! The mechanism behind this model ensures the win-win partnership between game developers and game players (of which, traditional gaming industry seems to bypass because financial benefits are usually in the hands of game creators).
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